Car Chamber
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  • Colour: Black + Red
  • Material: PVC + COPPER
  • Cable Length: 2m / 7 ft +-
  • Gauge: 8AWG
  • Current: 600AMP
  • For 12-24V batteries
  • Fitment: For cars of 12V battery and less than 2.5L emission
  • Package Included: 1set (one black cable + one red cable)
  • Heavy Duty ( Weight :1.8kg)
  • Suitable for Petrol-Engines up to 2500cc
  • Suitable for Diesel-Engines up to 2000cc
  • Suitable for the biggest of cranking applications, rated at 600 AMPS, they are heavy enough to start a cold diesel in winter or can be used for general day to day duties .
  • Fitted with surge protection to accommodate later model vehicles with engine computers.
  • No need to check your vehicle, these will be fine for all vehicles
  • Fully insulated clamps - Fully cover handle prevent from electrical shocking
  • Compact During Storage and Suitable for Portable Use Insulated Reinforced Handle for Protection
  • Comfort and Anti-Slip Gripping 6 feet long
  • Necessary in critical and emergency situation
  • Can be charge 
  • Copper coated aluminium wire
  • Insulated Reinforced Handle for Protection, Comfort and Anti-Slip Gripping
  • Multistranded copper for high conductivity 
  • Suitable for commercial vehicles and plants 
  • Heavy flexible insulation 
  • 1 month WARRANTY