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  • 2019 latest upgraded version
    @ You might be facing Some special fans model still cannot be controlled by this remote, Is Okie ya we will allow your return and we will REFUND you your money ya, no worries. 
    @ You wont know it works for your fan or not if you dont try, so we are happy to let customer try n refund if really cannot
    @ call us before you wanna refund we will teach you how to do setting first b4 comfirming really cant control your fan.
    @ We design this Universal fan remote control is to help customers save money rather than buying expensive original or some even you cannot find the original remote anymore. However please allow some limitation too for this remote sometimes too many models in malaysia, the button 123 or onoff may run different places or unable to control your fan because too old or too latest model, as long your fan can be controlled we believed it is still better than if you cant find its original remote anymore in the market then have to throw away the fan.
    @Once again thanks for supporting us ya, our past customer who gave us low rating commending rosak cant control fan, all past customers we have refunded them or successfully teaching them the right way of setting.
    Please read user guide before use  
    Only support models in picture below  
    buyer should check the model at below before purchase  
    Return is only accepted if no power  
    Operable distance:More than 8 metres  
    Power requirements: DC 3 V  
    Battery type:Two size AAA batteries  
    For Wings Deka Elmark KDK Alpha Winter Eurouno Rubine Fanco Panasonic Khind National Mistral

✅ Universal remote control for many brands

✅ Easy to use with LCD display 

✅ Long range more than 8 metres

Stable performance

✅ User friendly and only easy setting required


Model : FAN-2989V

Package Size : Approx. 57mm x 20mm x 140mm

Package Weight : Approx. 0.10kg

Material : ABS Plastic

Battery : 2 x AAA Batteries (not included)

Product Packing : PBOX

Operable distance:More than 8 metres

Power requirements: DC 3 V


How to use : Press and hold the "SET" button for about 6 seconds, till the LCD screen displays numbers "0" to "9" and "AUTO" circulatory, indicating that the remote control has entered the automatic search state. Keep holding, until the remote signal is received by the fan. Release the "SET" button, when you hear a beep, and press the key again to finish setting.